The girl who made paper dresses 

1980’s in Poland was a pretty grim time: martial law, strikes, police shooting at the civilians... I don't remember it, I was a child, but I remember the prevailing greyness.  The world of today’s little girls is often a sparkly pink one. I had none of the sparkle but I didn't care. All I ever wanted was to make clothes. I made paper dolls and hundreds upon hundreds of delicate paper dresses for them. I devised a way to prevent the dresses from falling off the dolls but I hardly ever played with them. I only wanted to make beautiful dresses. 

Fast forward many years and I found myself as far removed from my childhood dream as possible. I’d built an identity for myself as a lawyer and when that little voice in me told me I needed to get back to my dream, I did everything to crush it. I worked too hard for the voice to ruin everything.

At the end of a four year battle, the voice had won. I put everything on the line because there really was no alternative. I needed to go back to my dream. After all, all I ever wanted was to make beautiful dresses. 

My values  

When Sascha & The Boys was just an idea in my head, I knew I was going to make my clothes in Europe. I wanted natural fabrics and sustainability built into the core of my brand. When we buy cheap, polyester clothing produced in bad conditions, the only people who don’t pay the real price are the consumers. The cost is passed on to the workers and the planet. I didn’t want to be part of this system.  

We produce our clothes together with our London atelier and our partners in Poland. Integrity, fair wages and good working conditions are important to us and I know they are important to our customers. You won’t find mass produced polyester here. Instead, you will find beautiful, well-fitting clothes from natural fabrics, made in Europe.