I’m Ana. Owner and designer at Sascha & The Boys.

That's me in the photo. 

You've joined a community of smart, curious & elegant women.

We're interested in cultivating our minds as much as our personal style.

Expect timeless, chic and sustainable clothes for petite yet powerful ladies.

Sasha & The Boys is all about elegance and a less is more ethos.

Wearing high quality, versatile clothes- not only makes you feel confident and beautiful...

...it saves a huge amount of time!

Our clothes are designed and prototyped in the UK, while production takes place in Poland.

Being the founder and designer, I'm present every step of the way.

In addition to running Sascha & The Boys, I'm also a London based lawyer with her own practice.

So when I say: making the most out of my clothes is my superpower. You know I'm not kidding.

My clothes take me from my desk... to a meeting... to a dinner - with just a change of accessories.

I feel chic and powerful with no faffing about. Stay tuned and I'll show you how.