How to style an off white coat

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Ever since I read Bergdof Blondes it became a dream of mine to have a cream cashmere coat. Even though one of the main characters wore cream cashmere skinny pants and not a coat, I've associated ivory cashmere with Park Avenue sophistication.

I used think for years that a cream fabric would get dirty quickly so I avoided it even though it was my Holi Grail of winter wardrobe. Until I learned that only polyester or polyester blend (wool with polyester) will get dirty after one or two wears. Wool, as a natural fabric (wool, cashmere, alpaca) won't pick up dirt quickly and if I spilled something on it, it'd just all of or I'd wipe it out quickly. 

And so, I decided to make the coat I've alway wanted. I figured that a few of my customers might be in the same boat. A trip to Italy later, I was able to get a small amount of incredible quality cashmere blended with virgin wool. 

But how to style a cream coat? What colour goes yes with cream? Can you wear cream and white together? 

Cream (or ivory) is white with yellow undertones and so colours which go well with yellow will go with cream. All shades of blue, tobacco brown, beige, grey, ballet pink (very feminine and sophisticated pairing- image for example a silk blouse the colour of ballet slippers with cream cashmere coat), orange (I love the shade of Hermes box). I'd were a blue oversized short (I shop in men's department and  avoid fitted shirts so I don't look like I'm my way to the office) and brown trousers. On weekends, a grey or beige cashmere jumper with jeans. Soft pink blouse or a dress. And white- you can absolutely wear white with cream. I love white men's shirts or silk blouses, and a white teeshirt being from underneath grey or beige jumper for a more casual look. 



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